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Fingerprint Sterling Silver Charms

Fingerprint charms are perfect for a bracelet or a necklace. Charms are available as a Heart, Teardrop,  Star, Circle, Flower, Square and a Tag.


When taking prints I work with the silver in its crude form and press the finger into the piece that you will be wearing at the end of the process. I believe that this increases the sentimental value of the charm, because there is no casting process and the end piece has been touched by a loved one. I engrave each piece by hand.


I take fingerprints in my Studio in Fittleworth. Please call or email to book an appointment.


All my pieces are by hand in my studio and arrive gift wrapped in a 'Ramble' gift box with a silver cleaning cloth.

Fingerprint Sterling Silver Charms

Once your order has been placed an appointment will be made for the fingerprint to be taken. Allow 10 days from when this has been taken for your jewellery to be ready.
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