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Impression Sterling Silver Charm

Impression charms are perfect for a bracelet or a necklace.The charms are available in a heart, circle or square.


When taking impressions you can either purchase an inkless wipe kit, or provide a good impression by email or on A4 paper. I will then scan the image and shrink it to fit the piece. A negative is then prduced,and a mould created. It is that mould that I press  into the the silver.


Charms are available on their own or with a Sterling Silver necklace or bracelet, with a clasp or toggle fastening. 


All my pieces are by hand in my studio and arrive gift wrapped in a 'Ramble' gift box with a silver cleaning cloth.

Impression Sterling Silver Charm

I am able to receive prints by email. Please make sure they are on white paper and the print is a bold colour (black, blue, red etc). Please allow 10 days from receipt of print for jewellery to be made.
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